Meet the Minds Behind Pillar: Pav Bryan

Meet the team Feb 01, 2021

Pav's Story

Behind the scenes at Pillar is a passionate team of world-class coaches, nutritionists and athletes working together to build an AI training companion. We are on a mission to change the training landscape for all kinds of athletes.

One member of that team is Pav Bryan.

Pav is one of the brains behind Pillar's training principles. He consults on Pillar's training plans and loads for varying levels of athlete. The coaching methodology at Pillar's core is being moulded by Pav and a team of other scientists and coaches.

Pav's relationship with cycling began in his adulthood. After years of avoiding exercise and making excuses, he realised he needed to make a change. Pav bought his first bike and hit the road.

As Strava began to gain traction, along with segments and stats, Pav started seeing that his scores weren't all bad. This led him to join a cycling club and, later, to win the Kent Cycling Association 12 hour time trial in his first year competing.

This was the start of  what turned into a illustrious and successful ultra-endurance career which has also included; regional championships, world records, and rides across the USA. He is a British Cycling level 3 coach, specialising in road and time trial riding.

Pav and Pillar

What drew you to Pillar's mission?

Pav : Self-coaching is often the quickest route to nowhere. Personally, I’m in need of accountability. I know what I need to do, but I don’t often do it. It's so easy to choose training I know I’ll enjoy, rather than the training that's necessary.

What does pillar mean for the athlete? Are new horizons in store?

Pav : There is a fundamental need to make good coaching more accessible. Most people just starting in cycling will feel they need more experience before they can hire a coach, if they ever do. In reality, they might need it more than those who have been training in a structured manner for years. However, it’s more than understandable that they might be reluctant to spend hundreds a month on a coach, which is where Pillar comes in.

If Pillar was around when you were starting to develop an interest in sport, would it have changed your relationship to training?

Pav : 100%! I had no idea what I was really doing at the beginning; both as a child and as an overweight, unfit adult trying to reverse years of self-abuse! Pillar would have given me direction, drive and purpose, which might have led to even more success.

Pillar is a smart and dynamic training companion, which creates you a personalised training plan based on your fitness, your goals & your availability.

With cutting edge sports science at its core, Pillar takes a holistic approach to your endurance training—including nutrition, rest, and rehabilitation.

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