Pillar App - New Version Release!

Pillar App - New Version Release!

We're really excited to share our latest version of the Pillar app with you all.

Our latest updates to the app put more control in the hands of the athlete.

You'll now have more freedom and flexibility in the way your training sessions interact with the mobile app.

The latest version of the Pillar app

We've worked on changing some limitations that existed in previous versions of the app, and we're so excited to share these improvements!

This version of the app includes:

  • A new calendar display
  • An updated planned session screen
  • User control over which rides get paired with the planned session
  • Updated evaluated session screen
  • Improved session scoring
  • Ability to edit uploaded activities
  • Displays running activities and data

Check out the full guide to Version 8.0 in this video:

Update your version of the app or join the beta programme today - we're always looking to grow the cycling family!

Pillar is a smart and dynamic training companion, which creates you a personalised training plan based on your fitness, your goals & your availability.

With cutting edge sports science at its core, Pillar takes a holistic approach to your endurance training—including nutrition, rest, and rehabilitation.

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