Version 10 of Pillar has arrived 👏

May 24, 2021

We've been working hard on the latest app release, and it's finally ready for athletes to use. Read on for all the newest features and updates.

As ever, it's been a busy month at Pillar HQ. The team has been developing new features and working on fixes, as well as thinking about the long road ahead and making Pillar the best possible training companion and digital coach for athletes everywhere.

With every update, we're working on making the app smoother, slicker and prettier, as well as building up a wide range of valuable training features.

This month's release is all about motivation. We've listened to your feedback, and we understand that staying motivated (especially at the moment) can be tough. So our new features this month re designed to bring you a more engaging training experience.  

This month, we've added a few things that we're really proud of. They are:

  • In-app and push notifications
  • In-app notification centre
  • Join and share training challenges
  • New power curves & heart rate curves

In-app and push notifications

You'll now receive a push notification when your workout has been synced from Garmin or Strava. You'll also see notifications when a new version of the app is available to download (once per month or so). You'll never miss out on the latest features!

In-app notification centre

We've added a notification centre to the home page, so you'll never lose track of activities or syncs. Clicking on a notification will taker you directly to the session analysis screen.


We wanted to make training a more engaging experience, so we added challenges within Pillar. For now, the challenges are monthly-based distance challenges with three difficulty tiers. You can also share the challenges, as well as your progress, with friends within or outside the Pillar app. Later down the line, we'll be expanding and diversifying these challenges. Watch this space!

Heart rate and power curves

To continue to improve your training analysis, we've added heart rate and power curves. These curves allow you to assess your performance capability at different intensities. You'll be able to select the timeframe for which you'd like to see your heart rate and power curve, letting you compare your performance progression over time.

If you are already a Pillar user, you will have received an email to download the newest version of the app and try out the latest features.

If you haven't already, join the beta programme today and you'll get an invite to download Version 10 of the Pillar app. We'd love to have you be part of the Pillar journey!

Pillar is a smart and dynamic training companion, which creates you a personalised training plan based on your fitness, your goals & your availability.

With cutting edge sports science at its core, Pillar takes a holistic approach to your endurance training—including nutrition, rest, and rehabilitation.

Join the Beta today.

Matilda Donnachie

Passionate rower, cyclist and all-round sports nerd.