Hopefully, you're here because the folks at Spokes have told you about Pillar and you want to learn more about how we're helping cyclists.

We're a small UK-based team (full of real athletes) who are developing an app dedicated to all areas of cycling training. Whatever pains you can think of related to your training, we want to solve them; think nutrition, recovery, motivation, and much, much more.

We've recently partnered with Spokes to help those of you competing in an upcoming sportive to hit your training targets! Perhaps you're not able to have a human coach, or you'd like to supplement and track your current training.

What does Pillar do?

Our first and biggest feature is an adaptive training plan. Pillar will generate a dynamic training plan for you based on your performance, availability and training goal.

The methodology behind Pillar's training plans is based on scientifically tried-and-tested principles. We structure your tailored plan to follow 'polarised' training. This gets you the most results out of your sessions and challenges you, all the while minimising the risk of injury.

The Pillar app version 9.0

You can also track your fitness level, training load, and how ready you are for your big event. We've put some real hard-work and science into our performance report; you'll never have to worry about being under-prepared again!

If you're using Pillar, you won't be bound to a strict regimen. You can swap and remove sessions, and add holidays and times you'll be unable to train to your diary. If you skip a session, there's no need to worry. Pillar will still evaluate your progress and give you tips.

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Can Pillar help me?

There's no need to be a pro cyclist to use Pillar; We're here to help all levels of athlete achieve their training and competitive goals.

For those of you who are looking to complete an event in the coming year - say, a single-day sportive - Pillar is the perfect solution to help you hit your target.

That's why we've partnered with Spokes. Spokes is providing first-class coaching services to cyclists and triathletes across the world. Pillar is for the athlete who may not be ready to have a human coach by their side, or those who simply want to amp-up, track and analyse the training they're doing.

Whatever your need, Pillar will help you to perform at your best.

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We're a small team - we can't offer the same level of holistic coaching that the pros at Spokes do. However, we're making a training app with amazing features and big potential.

On the way to the final product we'll be talking to you, the athlete, to better understand how we can develop a well-rounded solution for all your training pains!

If you'd like to be a part of the journey, give us a test.