Hopefully, you're here because you've heard about Pillar and want to learn more about how we're helping cyclists.

We're a small UK-based team (full of real athletes) who are developing an app dedicated to all areas of cycling training. Whatever pains you can think of related to your training, we want to solve them. And much, much more.

The first feature we've built is an adaptive training plan. Pillar will generate a dynamic training plan for you based on your fitness, availability and training goal.

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You can also track your fitness level and how ready you are for your big event. We've put some real hard-work and science into our performance analysis section of the app.

Further down the line (but not too far - think months), we've got huge plans.

The Pillar team is creating features such as a dynamic nutritional plan, in-app 1-on-1 coaching, a place for clubs and communities, training rewards (cycling socks, anyone?) and more.

The Pillar app version 9.0

The plan is for you, the athlete, to have one place to go for all your training needs. Whether it's advice on what to eat, performance tracking, motivation and talking to other athletes, it's on the cards.

If you like the sound of what we're doing then please join our beta!

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You can have exclusive access to the app for testing, and you'll help shape the future of our product.

We can't create the perfect training app without real athletes giving us their thoughts.

After you've had the app for a week, we'll send you a quick survey with some questions about your experience.

If you want to chat to us further, you can. If you'd like to never hear from us again, that's fine too!

We hope to see you there.

Pillar is a smart and dynamic training companion, which creates you a personalised training plan based on your fitness, your goals & your availability.

With cutting edge sports science at its core, Pillar takes a holistic approach to your endurance training—including nutrition, rest, and rehabilitation.

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